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About Us - Facts & Contacts for EU and Asia Suppliers

A brief history

The company iNET Solutions Ltd. is operating on the Czech market since the year 2003 when we established ourselves as an IT company focused on creating innovative trading systems. In 2005, we introduced the project iNETPrint.cz, specialized in the production and presentation of promotional materials with innovative, and at that time utterly unique, on-line calculators. We have continued to thrive in this business and we now rank among leading players of on-line manufacturers and retailers in the Czech Republic.

We are organic and dynamic company that cares about its customers' trust. We emphasize on consulting and innovative and effective execution of all demands. Speed, quality, reliability, latest technology and high professionalism are the key attributes that characterize the team of iNETPrint.cz.

Our Mission

Our mission is simply allowing our clients to process all their demands for promotional merchandise ON-LINE from the comfort of their computers and to limit at most the annoying waiting time for getting prices by e-mail. We help them finding optimal solution for presentation and promotion of their products or services together with ideal pricing by connecting them to the extensive network of reliable producers from Czech Republic, EU countries and Asia, with advanced on-line tools and calculators. We link hundreds of production enterprises in one place, all of them available just by few clicks. We strive to clearly disclose to customers a wide range of offers and provide them with maximum time and cost savings. All to save time and money. A constantly innovative way of shopping.

We carefully monitor market development and innovations both locally and internationally. We keep continually innovating our systems together with expanding the range of products. We train our sales team to fully utilize latest technologies and to approach customers actively. Responsibility in keeping these points has leaded us to achieve 45% average annual revenue growth during last 5 years in this highly competitive market segment.

With our new system and our approach, we expect further rapid growth in coming years and inclusion among top suppliers of promotional materials and services for companies in the Czech Republic and also becoming a market leader in on-line B2B sales of promotional merchandise.

Basic Facts

  • Year established: 2003
  • Employees: 30-50
  • Turnover:
    • 2021 ... 5,1 mil. USD
    • 2020 ... 4,6 mil. USD
    • 2019 ... 4,4 mil. USD
    • 2018 ... 4,0 mil. USD
    • 2017 ... 3,7 mil. USD
    • 2016 ... 3,1 mil. USD
    • 2015 ... 2,6 mil. USD
    • 2014 ... 2,3 mil. USD
    • 2013 ... 1,9 mil. USD
    • 2012 ... 1,4 mil. USD
    • 2011 ... 0,8 mil. USD


Tamara Němcová
Head of Purchasing

Petr Nosek
Strategic Buyer

Martina Dudková
Strategic Buyer

Company Address

  • iNET Solutions s.r.o.
  • Hostivarska 92/6
  • CZ10200 Prague 10
  • Czech Republic
  • VAT Number: CZ26775751
  • DUNS Nr.: 511076387


  • Account Number - IBAN:
  • CZ2801000001231658210287
  • Bank: Citfin, sporitelni druzstvo